WNBA Mock Draft Monday, version 2.0

There’s nothing like postseason play to flip the WNBA draft completely on its head.

What many view as a second season, whether it’s the NCAA Tournament or the Women’s National Invitation Tournament (WNIT), provides opportunities for players: They can either reaffirm their worth or increase their draft stock. They can also lose their footing in speculative draft priority if their post-season play falters. There has been much of all of this going on the last five days, since March Madness began last Friday.

Washington’s Kelsey Plum remains the top pick after a 29-point first-round tournament showing Saturday—her average for a night. Brionna Jones jumps to the second spot because she seems unstoppable, spearheading Maryland’s run so far. Tori Jankoska jumped a few spots, because even though Michigan State lost in the first round, she left it all on the floor with 26 points. She is a force to be reckoned with.

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Texas A&M’s Curtyce Knox and Syracuse’s Brittney Sykes climbed a few notches due to strong performances Saturday, including taking leadership roles. Kentucky’s Evelyn Akhator, DePaul’s Jessica January, Kentucky’s Makayla Epps and Arizona State’s Sophie Brunner increased their stock with breakout games on Sunday, even though their respective teams lost.

Entering this version of the draft is NC State guard Miah Spencer. She has been a solid offensive contributor with a high assists average. In Sunday’s match up with Texas, Spencer couldn’t have fought any harder. She put up a career-high 33 points before fouling out just before game’s end, and though she was visibly upset, she maintained her composure in the face of controversial officiating. She would be a great addition to any team.

There are still two more weeks to play, and athletes could still declare for the draft early. The list might look very different after all trophies are won.

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Round 1:

  1. Kelsey Plum, G, Washington
  2. Brionna Jones, C, Maryland
  3. Alaina Coates, C, South Carolina
  4. Alexis Peterson, G, Syracuse
  5. Tori Jankoska, G, Michigan State
  6. Nia Coffey, F, Northwestern
  7. Shatori Walker-Kimbrough, G, Maryland
  8. Lindsay Allen, G, Notre Dame
  9. Alexis Jones, G, Baylor
  10. Sydney Wiese, G, Oregon State
  11.  Jennie Simms, G, Old Dominion
  12. Precious Hall, G, James Madison

Round 2:

  1. Chantel Osahor, C, Washington
  2. Curtyce Knox, G, Texas A&M
  3. Brittney Sykes, G, Syracuse
  4.  Evelyn Akhator, F, Kentucky
  5. Jessica January, G, DePaul
  6. Makayla Epps, G, Kentucky
  7. Sophie Brunner, F, Arizona State
  8. Peyton Little, G, Oklahoma
  9. Jasmine Joyner, F, Chattanooga
  10. Ashley Deary, G, Northwestern
  11. Miah Spencer, G, NC State
  12. Erica McCall, F, Stanford

Round 3:

  1. Lizzy Wendell, F, Drake
  2. Ally Lehman, G, Northern Illinois
  3. Bria Day, C, Syracuse
  4. Ronni Williams, G, Florida
  5. Leticia Romero, G, Florida State
  6. Lanay Montgomery, C, West Virginia
  7. Ty Petty, G, Middle Tennessee
  8. Imani Tate, G, UAlbany
  9. Feyonda Fitzgerald, G, Temple
  10. Nina Davis, F, Baylor
  11. Aaliya Lewis, G, St. John’s
  12. Kalani Purcell, F, BYU

Sue Favor is a long-time women’s basketball writer, coach, fan, athlete and author of the website WomensHoopsWorld.com and blog Hoopism.blogspot.com.


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  • Gallick Cee

    What good is a mock draft if you don’t list which teams will take which players!

  • Donald Chambers

    I hope this mock draft if seniors only. If not, what happened to the UCONN players. Regardless of their school level status, they are still the team with 109 wins.