WNBA Mock Draft Monday, version 5.0

Just when it seemed everything was settled for the 2017 WNBA Draft, two South Carolina stars shook things up last week on the final day of declaration. Junior guards Allisha Gray and Kaela Davis, fresh off winning a national championship, both announced that they would forgo their senior years and declare early for the draft. In doing so, they vaulted to the top of the draft pick list and earned themselves invitations to be present at the event at 7 p.m. ET Thursday in New York.

Both Gray and Davis stepped up for their team in NCAA Tournament play after teammate Alaina Coates had a season-ending injury before the first round. All three Gamecocks are among only 10 invitees to the draft, which is close to the public this year. Others slated to attend include Washington’s Kelsey Plum, Maryland’s Shatori Walker-Kimbrough and Brionna Jones, Oregon State’s Sydney Wiese, Stanford’s Erica McCall and Syracuse’s Alexis Jones and Northwestern’s Nia Coffey.

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Those picked to attend the draft reflect the league’s best guesses about who will be chosen, as team general managers have proven over the years that their picks are often unpredictable. With a talented list of players coming off of a tournament that showed more parity than ever, truly anything could happen in this year’s draft.

Regardless of who goes where, draft picks will feel the pressure immediately after the big day Thursday, as WNBA training camps begin just 10 days later.

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Round 1:

  1. Kelsey Plum, G, Washington
  2. Brionna Jones, C, Maryland
  3. Allisha Gray, G, South Carolina
  4.  Alaina Coates, C, South Carolina
  5. Alexis Peterson, G, Syracuse
  6.  Shatori Walker-Kimbrough, G, Maryland
  7. Nia Coffey, F, Northwestern
  8. Tori Jankoska, G, Michigan State
  9. Sydney Wiese, G, Oregon State
  10. Nina Davis, F, Baylor
  11. Alexis Jones, G, Baylor
  12. Kaela Davis, G, South Carolina

Round 2:

  1. Chantel Osahor, C, Washington
  2. Alexis Prince, G, Baylor
  3. Lindsay Allen, G, Notre Dame
  4. Brittney Sykes, G, Syracuse
  5. Erica McCall, F, Stanford
  6.  Evelyn Akhator, F, Kentucky
  7. Precious Hall, G, James Madison
  8. Jessica January, G, DePaul
  9. Makayla Epps, G, Kentucky
  10. Sophie Brunner, F, Arizona State
  11. Curtyce Knox, G, Texas A&M
  12. Leticia Romero, G, Florida State

Round 3:

  1. Jennie Simms, G, Old Dominion
  2. Ashley Deary, G, Northwestern
  3. Miah Spencer, G, NC State
  4. Bria Day, C, Syracuse
  5. Peyton Little, G, Oklahoma
  6. Jasmine Joyner, F, Chattanooga
  7. Lizzy Wendell, F, Drake
  8. Ally Lehman, G, Northern Illinois
  9. Ronni Williams, G, Florida
  10. Lanay Montgomery, C, West Virginia
  11. Ty Petty, G, Middle Tennessee
  12. Feyonda Fitzgerald, G, Temple

*Main image courtesy of South Carolina Athletics.

Sue Favor is a long-time women’s basketball writer, coach, fan, athlete and author of the website WomensHoopsWorld.com and blog .

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  • Ceddy Boe

    Where is Jessica Jackson

  • Ceddy Boe

    She the most underrated in the draft I don’t get how ppl who career’s on better terms than Jessica Jackson still didn’t accomplish more then her as a individual player.. y’all sleep ur mock is garbage