We asked, you answered: seven female athletes you ‘stan’ hard for

If you follow Excelle Sports on Twitter, you likely know that we have a regular feature called #ExcelleAsks, during which we ask our followers a provocative question and encourage strong, hot-take answers in response. We’ve covered everything from spending money for the improvement of women’s sports, to what female athlete would make the best president, to media, mentors and marketing.

Yesterday we made a call for all the “stans”* of women’s sports. We asked our followers to name the one female athlete they will always fan so hard for, no matter what she does or how she plays. Here are seven of the best answers:

1. Danish Women’s National Football Team: They’ve taken a brave recent stand against their organizing body, demanding equal pay and treatment that could keep them out of the 2019 World Cup.


2. Billie Jean King: The original GOAT and cultural icon has inspired the world, men and women alike, for more than four decades. That “Battle of the Sexes” movie though…


3. Ali Krieger: The Orlando Pride and *sometimes* USWNT star has a true cult following for exactly the characteristics user @LauraLjol2 describes below.


4. Diana Taurasi: For @JenniferRaybern, Diana’s special sauce makes the WNBA’s all-time leading scorer forever perfect in her eyes.  


5. Alex Morgan: “Baby Horse” turned USWNT leader has a dedicated fan base of hundreds of thousands around the world who will always go hard for her. Incidents at Epcot be damned!


6. Ashlyn Harris, Ali Krieger, Simone Biles and Diana Taurasi: Lura didn’t follow the rules. But we appreciate her ability to stan across several sports.


7. Just too many to name: @Acharmingbore is a rule breaker, too, but to be honest…we’d have given the exact same answer.

Some other names we heard a lot? Serena Williams, Hope Solo, Maya Moore, Steffi Graf, Candace Parker, Christen Press, Tamika Catchings and Tobin Heath. What female athlete do you stan for?

*For those of you who might be a little behind on your internet lingo du jour, Urban Dictionary defines a “stan” as “an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity,” with origins in the 2000 hit Eminem song by the same name. The more you know, am I right?

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