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Transgender wrestler wins regional high school title in Texas

Mack Beggs, a Euless Trinity High School junior who identifies as transgender, won a girls regional championship after a female opponent forfeited the match on Saturday. The 17-year-old from the Dallas area is transitioning from female to male and is currently undefeated this season.

Begg’s opponent in the final, Madeline Rocha of Coppell, declined to fight on Saturday. The reason for forfeiting remains unclear as Rocha’s coach, Travis Clark, did not comment on the issue. Both Begg and Rocha hugged after the decision was made, but Beggs’ grandmother, Nancy Beggs,  said the outcome was about “bias, hatred and ignorance.”

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Earlier this month, a Coppell lawyer and a wrestling parent filed a lawsuit against the University Interscholastic League (the organization that governs Texas high school athletics) to suspend Beggs for steroid use. Beggs is using testosterone and wants to compete with the boys. But he must compete against the girls because of two UIL rules: one that says student-athletes have to compete as the gender listed on their birth certificate, and the other one that forbids boys from wrestling girls.

The rules also prohibit steroid use except for when it’s “dispensed, prescribed, delivered and administered by a medical practitioner for a valid medical purpose.”

Nancy Beggs said the UIL has Mack Begg’s medical records and has allowed him to compete.

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