Six essential pieces of gear that top pro softball players really use

The softball accessories you choose to use can make or break your game. Pick up the wrong glove, for example, and you could be error-prone every time you’re on the field. Or, pick up the wrong bat and it could mean the difference between a hit and an out. Here, Excelle Sports takes a look at the six essential pieces of gear that softball’s most accomplished pro players actually use.

Explore Olympic gold medalist Jennie Finch’s favorite glove and see what Emily Allard uses to catch speeding line drives in the outfield. (Hint: It’s actually a baseball glove!) Get more traction on dirt and grass with Sierra Romero’s Mizuno cleats, and see the special resistance bands that pitcher Monica Abbott relies on to condition her million-dollar arm. Below you will find all six accessories that will help you take your softball game to the next level.

1. Andrea Duran’s Easton Stealth Pro Fastpitch Series Pattern Glove ($179.95): The third baseman used Easton gloves during her All-American career at UCLA, and continues to do so today now that she plays for the NPF’s USSSA Pride. Her Stealth Pro Fastpitch Series Pattern Glove features premium kip leather tanned for easy break-in and high durability.

(Andre Duran’s Instagram)

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2. Jennie Finch’s Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Glove ($137.95): Finch, a 2004 Olympic gold medalist pitcher, swears by her Mizuno Fastpitch Softball Glove. The special-edition grey glove features power-lock wrist closure and a 12.5-inch fastpitch model to give you the stability you need to keep your game strong.

(Image from Jennie Finch’s Instagram)

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3. Sierra Romero’s Mizuno Women’s Softball Cleat ($39.99): This Mizuno softball cleat is worn by many of the best players on the field, including Romero, the No. 2 pick in the 2016 NPF draft. The cleat includes rubber studs and a full-length midsole for maximum movement.

(Image from Sierra Romero’s Instagram)

4. Emily Allard’s Wilson Baseball Glove ($249.95): Softball sensation Emily Allard, who helped the Chicago Bandits raise the Cowles Cup in 2015, actually uses a baseball glove when she’s in the outfield. Capable of being broken in without breaking down, the Wilson glove is long-lasting, with fine-cut leather and dual welting.

(Image from Emily Allard’s Instagram)

5. Lauren Chamberlain’s Rawlings Bat ($199.95): Softball star Lauren “Lo” Chamberlain hit 95 dingers during her college career at Oklahoma, breaking the NCAA all-time home run record. Her favorite Rawlings bat is ultra-responsive and durable with aerospace-grade alloy and barrel technology, which helps give her higher performance by shifting excess weight to smaller regions of the bat.

Image from Lauren Chamberlain’s Instagram

6. Monica Abbott’s Jaeger Sports J-Bands ($34.95): Abbott, who helped the U.S. win a silver medal at the 2008 Olympics, uses these resistance bands to help condition her shoulder. “If you are looking to continue playing softball and make your next team, or play on the collegiate level, or play professionally, or play for Team USA, you have to use things that work and that are tried and true,” Abbott told Excelle Sports. “I think Jaeger Sports provides just that.”

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