Oklahoma softball coach Patty Gasso awarded contract near $1 million annually

Oklahoma softball coach Patty Gasso has signed a new contract that will award her nearly $1 million annually in guaranteed money, holding her spot as the highest-paid softball coach.

The Oklahoma University Board of Regents voted on Thursday to extend her contract through 2024 and increase her salary to $725,000 with an annual stay bonus of $200,000. The bonus will go into effect on February 1st, 2018.

Last year, Gasso made just under $500,000 and her stay bonus was only $25,000. In her new contract, Gasso’s base salary is $280,000, while the remainder of the salary comes from outside sources such as promotions and fundraising.

In her 24th season with the Sooners, Gasso’s raise is well-deserved. Gasso has led Oklahoma to back-to-back NCAA championships.

Associate head coach Melyssa Lombardi and assistant coach J.T. Gasso were also approved for pay increases as well. Lomardi will now make $185,000 annually, while Gasso will make $125,000 annually.

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“As we have traditionally shown that we have not only expressed our gratitude or recognize achievements to date, but we continually invest in the possibility of success in the future,” Oklahoma athletics director Joe Castiglione said Thursday. “First and foremost, that starts with people. Having great leadership that we’ve had with coach Gasso and her staff and the outstanding development of young women that they have recruited to come to the University of Oklahoma and achieve at such high levels, it deserves to be saluted in many different ways.”

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