NWSL starts #PassTheBall campaign with some notable celebrities

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to announce its #PassTheBall campaign with a little help from some notable celebrities.

The video starts with actresses Julia Roberts and Ellen DeGeneres advocating for fans to “pass the ball” in support of the remarkable stars of the NWSL. After sharing who and what they are passing the ball for, DeGeneres then passes the ball to actress Zendaya. After Zendaya, the ball then goes to one of the most well-known male soccer players in the world: David Beckham.

After Beckham receives the ball, actress Reese Witherspoon and late night television host James Corden get in on the mix as well. Corden even heads the ball to show he’s got some soccer skills too. Watch the video below to see their inspiring messages and who they plan to #PassTheBall to next.

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The video comes out just a few days before the NWSL playoffs are set to kick off, with the semifinals and championship game set for the weekends of October 7th and 14th. No better time to start watching the NWSL and #PassTheBall.

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