NWHL transgender player Harrison Browne to undergo a physical transition at end of season

Harrison Browne, the only openly transgender professional athlete in North America, plans to retire at the end of the season to undergo a physical transition.

The 23-year old forward for the Buffalo Beauts first came out publicly on the eve of the season, according to the New York Times and will start surgery in Florida in June to create a chest with male contours. The next step will be hormone therapy. After his announcement in the fall, the NWHL changed his name on its website and created a transgender policy.

“It’s going to be so validating to look into the mirror and see the person that I see inside,” Browne said to the NYT.

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Browne, known as “Brownie” was once a former junior circuit player from Canada and was recruited to play at the University of Maine, where he first identified himself as transgender to his coaches.

Dani Rylan, the commissioner of the four-team NWHL said “Harrison helped teach us what being inclusive means.” Browne was voted into the All-Star game in February and scored two goals and his jersey sales are in the top five within the league.

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