NWHL All Star Game rosters complete thanks to Amanda Kessel, Kelley Steadman

On Tuesday afternoon, the rosters for the National Women’s Hockey League All-Star Game took another big step towards completion. The two captains chosen to represent the best of the league, Amanda Kessel of the New York Riveters and Kelley Steadman of the Buffalo Beauts, drafted their fellow players on Twitter.

Six players were previously added to the rosters via fan vote and media vote. The first four players came via fan vote, and were Gigi Marvin of the Boston Pride, Harrison Browne of the Buffalo Beauts and Madison Packer and Rebecca Russo of the New York Riveters. Then Kelly Babstock of the Connecticut Whale and Ashley Johnston of the New York Riveters were added via the media vote.

Kessel and Steadman also picked those six players and drafted them onto their respective teams.

The full list of their selections today, plus the coaches’ picks:

Team Kessel

Kelli Stack, Forward, Connecticut Whale

Megan Bozek, Defenseman, Buffalo Beauts

Hilary Knight, Forward, Boston Pride

Meghan Duggan, Forward, Boston Pride

Kacey Bellamy, Defenseman, Boston Pride

Dana Trivigno, Forward, Connecticut Whale

Zoe Hickel, Forward, Boston Pride

Courtney Burke, Defenseman, New York Riveters

Rebecca Russo, Forward, New York Riveters (via fan pick)

Gigi Marvin, Defenseman, Boston Pride (via fan pick)

Harrison Browne, Forward, Buffalo Beauts (via fan pick)

Brittany Ott, Goaltender, Boston Pride (via coach pick)

Nicole Stock, Goaltender, Connecticut Whale (via coach pick)

Team Steady

Brianna Decker, Forward, Boston Pride

Alex Carpenter, Forward, Boston Pride

Blake Bolden, Defenseman, Boston Pride

Haley Skarupa, Forward, Connecticut Whale

Shiann Darkangelo, Forward, Buffalo Beauts

Emily Pfalzer, Defenseman, Buffalo Beauts

Brianne McLaughlin, Goaltender, Buffalo Beauts

Kaleigh Fratkin, Defenseman, New York Riveters

Kelly Babstock, Forward, Connecticut Whale (via media pick)

Madison Packer, Forward, New York Riveters (via fan pick)

Ashley Johnston, Defenseman, New York Riveters (via media pick)

Corinne Buie, Forward, Buffalo Beauts (via coach pick)

Katie Fitzgerald, Goaltender, New York Riveters (via coach pick)

The final four All-Star choices were made by the league’s four head coaches: Bobby Jay (Boston), Heather Linstad (Connecticut), Ric Seiling (Buffalo) and Chad Wiseman (New York).

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The All-Star teams have two goalies, four defenders and eight forwards.

The All-Star Game will kick off with a Skills Showdown on Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. ET and the game follows on Feb. 12 at 3 p.m. ET. Both events will take place at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex—the practice facility of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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