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WATCH: Lindsey Vonn opens up about trolls butting into her dating life

Lindsey Vonn isn’t a fan of people trolling her Instagram friendship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

In the last several weeks, Vonn has commented on several of Rodgers’ Instagram pictures, saying things like “Water is better,” on his post at the Gatorade National Players of the Year announcement, or “Wow you are so short,” on a picture of him at the ESPY’s red carpet.

Those comments sparked questions about the Olympic skier’s relationship to Rodgers, and on Wednesday, Vonn released a video where she wasn’t happy about it.

“Everyone is blowing this Instagram thing out of proportion with me and Aaron, we’re friends, first of all,” Vonn said. “I have friends, just like everyone has friends, and I commented on his Instagram giving him a hard time because he is short.

“It’s just hard sometimes being under the microscope and there’s so many more important stories to be had out there than people trolling me about a comment on Instagram. But I have a boyfriend, and I’m not dating Aaron.”

Watch her full comments below:

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Vonn previously dated golfer Tiger Woods, while Rodgers recently split with actress Olivia Munn.

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