University of Illinois women’s basketball coach Matt Bollant fired

On Tuesday, University of Illinois women’s basketball head coach Matt Bollant has been relieved of his duties, Josh Whitman Director of Athletics announced.

“I would like to thank Matt Bollant and his staff for their many contributions to Illinois Basketball during the last five years,” Whitman said in a press release. “They have faced great adversity, both on and off the court, yet have greeted every day with unyielding optimism and unmatched effort. They have maintained the well-being and personal growth of the student-athletes under their charge as their foremost priority and have been exceptional ambassadors for Illinois Athletics in our community and in basketball circles across the country.”

In his past five years as head coach, Bollant averaged 12 wins per year and recorded a 61-94 overall record and 22-62 in Big Ten conference play.

On Saturday, Whitman made another basketball firing letting go men’s basketball head coach John Groce.

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Bollant has one year left on his contract and will receive $450,000.

“Without question, the program is in a better place today than it was when they arrived. Our expectations for women’s basketball, however, match those that we have for many of our other sport programs: to compete at the highest level, year in and year out. I am excited to embrace a future for Illinois Women’s Basketball where we realize the program’s full – and virtually unlimited – potential,” Whitman said.

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