Europe’s FIFA representative, Evelina Christillin speaks to gender equality

On Wednesday, Evelina Christillin was elected by the UEFA Congress to have one of the six new roles for women in FIFA leadership. The new positions for women in FIFA leadership are in an effort to push for gender equality in the sport.

Christillin, Europe’s female representative, talked about the gender disparities in the sport speaking specifically to the “stupid cliché” about women “looking like false men playing football or lesbian,” the Associated Press said.

“We have to work to improve and to boost these conditions both financially and sporting (for women),” Christillin said. “The same prize (money) would be difficult at the very beginning but little by little I think that this can be.”

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Christillin spoke about boosting these conditions off of the the clear pay gap between men’s football and the women’s game. FIFA gave $576 million in prize money at the 2014 World Cup, $35 million going to World Cup champion, Germany. The Women’s World Cup in 2015 prize money was $15 million, only $2 million awarded to the United States, the World Cup champion.

Christillin will attend her first FIFA Council meeting in October.

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