Excelle Talks Basketball Podcast: The dual head coach/general manager role in the WNBA

On the latest episode of the Excelle Talks Basketball Podcast, the trio is back with its first podcast from the WNBA offseason. Eli, Emma, and Pat talk about Eli’s feature story on the three dual head coach/general managers in the WNBA, Eli’s reporting process for the story, whether this model can work or not in the WNBA, which of the three scenarios they find to be the most intriguing, and so much more. The trio then concludes the podcast discussing the hire of Dan Hughes in Seattle, who served as both head coach and general manager with the San Antonio Stars, and analyzes whether or not it was a good move by the Storm. To listen to the full episode, click below:

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The story that this episode of the Excelle Talks Basketball Podcast is based upon can be found and read here: The multitasking masterminds behind three WNBA teams

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