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Excelle Sports Signs Off

Dear Excelle Sports Readers,

We have bad news and good news. The bad news is that we have made the hard decision to close Excelle Sports. For more than two years, we have built Excelle with the goals of increasing women’s sports coverage and telling the amazing stories of female athletes. But investors and sponsors proved more elusive than expected. We are so thankful to our incredible team and to our freelancers. Thanks to our investors, advisors, sponsors, athletes and coaches councils, and, most importantly to you — our readers. We appreciate your belief in our mission.

The GOOD news is that, with your help we have made a difference. Our content raised awareness of why there are needs to be more than the 4% of media coverage currently dedicated to women’s sports. We wrote 5,745 articles on athletes all over the world, 2.6 million visitors from 193 countries read our stories and 30 incredible Athletes volunteer to be ambassadors.

We hope that our efforts have inspired more publications and sites to write about female athletes. They are worth it.

Kim Donaldson & Cat Osborne

Founders of Excelle Sports

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  • Sheri Tyler Kimble

    This is disheartening. Ironically, I was unsubscribing from the newsletter because of limited personal time. However, I thought I would just pop by the website and read about women’s sports at my leisure.
    I hope you will be missed enough for another sponsor/investor to take the mantle.
    Thanks for all you have done. It is not in vain.

  • TrinityTA

    what a darn shame!

    often there’s a lack of interest in women’s sports – whether that’s actual or percieved it’s hard to say.

    too bad you couldn’t have hooked up with Bleacher or merged with ESPN’s coverage of women.