Emma Charlesworth-Seiler becomes eighth woman to umpire in an affiliated league

Emma Charlesworth-Seiler, 22, will officially begin her career as an umpire in the minor leagues.

Charlesworth-Seiler will be one of only two women umpires in the minor leagues, joining alongside Jen Pawol who umpired in the Gulf Coast League (GCL) last year. Charlesworth-Seiler will follow Pawol’s lead and start her career in GCL this upcoming June. Pawol has since moved up to the Short-Season Class A New York-Penn League.

The Golden Valley, Minn. native served as a volunteer umpire at a Baseball for All tournament in 2015. After that, she attended MLB’s Pro Prospect Development camp for the next two years. It was this past February that she attended the MLB Umpire Training Academy.

“Anyone who goes to umpire school with the intention of getting into the Minor Leagues has Major League dreams, but at this point, I’m looking at the short term,” Charlesworth-Seiler told MLB.com. “I’m excited to get the season started, learn a lot and progress and work hard, and hopefully that leads me on a path to the Major Leagues.”

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Charlesworth-Seiler will be the eighth woman to umpire in an affiliated league, with Pam Postema serving as the first from 1977-89.

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