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WATCH: Danica Patrick involved in race crash, Aric Almirola hospitalized

Danica Patrick was involved in a three-car crash at Kansas Speedway Saturday night when driver Joey Logano’s car had a broken brake rotor.

It sent both of them flying into the wall and driver Aric Almirola was hit and later taken to the hospital.

Almirola plowed into Logano’s car as it skidded along the wall, and the force of their impact sent the rear of Almirola’s No. 43 car into the air. Almirola was still conscious, but safety crews had to cut off the roof to safely get him out.

As he was airlifted to University of Kansas Medical Center, he was conscious and alert, according to reports. Richard Petty Motorsports issued a statement that said Almirola is in stable condition and will be held overnight for further observation.

Meanwhile, Patrick’s car was left in flames, but she was able to get out safely. Logano tried to speak to her at the crash scene, but Patrick appeared to brush him off.

“I told him, ‘I’m not sure if it was you, but I’m pretty sure it was you,'” she said. “Then he said it was a failure of some sort, which didn’t make me feel better in that moment. I hope Aric is OK. He’s definitely feeling the worst of everybody.”

Watch the wreck below:

Logano said afterwards that he was trying to avoid the wreck, but with the speeds of the cars in the race, it was impossible.

“I tried to back off, but you’re going 215 [mph], and it’s hard to check up, and the car just took a big step sideways into the corner,” he said after being released from the infield care center. “I’m OK. Just saying prayers for Aric right now.”

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Patrick was released from the care center at the speedway and said that she was OK physically.

It was the third time in four races that Patrick’s race ended because of a wreck, as she also crashed at the Daytona 500 and had engine trouble in Las Vegas.

“Every time I’m doing better, something stupid happens,” she said. “It’s just killing me. I kind of felt like Wonder Woman out there for a little while. I just don’t understand why so much bad luck happens.”

At the time of the crash, she was just outside of the top 10, with 67 laps remaining.

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