Cristiane and Rosana among Brazilian players to quit national team

Following the recent departure of Brazilian manager Emily Lima—the first woman to ever coach the Brazilian national team— long-time national team stars Cristiane, Francielle and Rosana, have decided to quit.

Cristiane took to social media and said it was a “very difficult” decision to leave the team, but it was the best decision going forward given the circumstances:

“I see no other alternative because of all the events and things that I do not have the strength to endure,” Cristiane said on Instagram.

The 32-year-old forward was one of the key players for Brazil’s attacking line. She helped the team earn two silver medals in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics and has played in four World Cups. After 14 years with the national team, Cristiane has earned 117 caps and scored 83 goals.

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Shortly after Cristiane revealed her decision to leave the team, Franciele and Rosana followed suit, citing similar reasons.

Francielle has been a midfielder for the national team since 2006. Rosana, a defender/midfielder, has made 112 appearances and scored 21 goals for Brazil since 2000.

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