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Hollie Davidson is Scotland’s first professional rugby female referee

By Nick Forrester Jun 15, 2017

Meet Hollie Davidson, Scotland's first professional rugby female referee. Scotland has five contracted referees, and Davidson, 24, is the first…

There’s an awesome new rugby pro league coming to America with equal pay for men and women

By Adele Jackson-Gibson Jun 7, 2017

Soccer, tennis and basketball may be the most popular women’s professional sports in the U.S., but within the next year, rugby…



Is this the USA rugby dream team that can finally win a World Cup?

By Adele Jackson-Gibson Apr 18, 2017

When rugby made its Olympic debut at the Rio Games last year, the U.S. Eagle Sevens team finally got its chance to play on…


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A Day in the Life: What’s it like to be US Rugby Player of the Decade Phaidra Knight

By Adele Jackson-Gibson Apr 12, 2017

Phaidra Knight’s rugby career was supposed to end last summer. The Rio Olympic Games were supposed to be her last…

In My Own Words: Rugby legend Phaidra Knight on Sin City and the new state of the women’s sport

By Phaidra Knight Mar 20, 2017

Phaidra Knight has played professional rugby for 18 years and is considered to be the most successful women’s rugby player…

USA Rugby looks to support Olympic captain Jillion Potter after cancer recurrence

By Meg Linehan Jan 10, 2017

Jillion Potter, captain of the first Team USA to compete in rugby sevens at the Olympics this summer, is facing…

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