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Many female athletes don’t fully understand Title IX. And that’s a real problem.

By Anya Alvarez Jun 23, 2017

While most people have heard about Title IX, few actually understand what it means and how it affects gender equality,…

Black Athletes and Hair, Part Three: Why one of the world’s best high jumpers started to wear wigs

By Adele Jackson-Gibson Jun 14, 2017

This is third installment of the “Black Athletes and Hair” series by Excelle Sports staff writer Adele Jackson-Gibson, exploring the…



Op-Ed: Why Tiger Woods still deserves the respect of every female golfer

By Anya Alvarez May 31, 2017

I remember  exactly where I was when news broke that Tiger Woods had been in a car accident on Nov.…

WATCH: Is this really what “boring” women’s sports look like to you?

By Lyndsey D'Arcangelo Apr 6, 2017

Last Friday.   That’s all it should take to change someone’s mind. That age-old cop-out that women’s sports are boring…

In My Own Words: Softball’s Emily Allard on why there’s no obligation to support women’s pro sports

By Emily Allard Apr 4, 2017

Emily Allard is a professional softball player for the Chicago Bandits, part of the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF). In this…

Black Athletes and Hair, Part Two: Is this the real reason why African-Americans don’t swim?

By Adele Jackson-Gibson Mar 29, 2017

My name is Adele and my hair is nappy-curly-straight. My afro has as many textures as the number of sports I’ve…

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