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Earth Day: Six eco-friendly sports essentials that are better for you and the planet

By Kim Vandenberg Apr 20, 2017

Make a difference on Earth Day this Saturday by helping support environmentally friendly athletic brands that continue to make our planet a healthier place.…

What to Watch

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What to Watch: Pro soccer gets exciting, softball promises more upsets and U.S. rugby heads to Japan

By Emma Leyden Apr 19, 2017

After a spectacular opening weekend that included huge comebacks, new-player breakthroughs and perhaps one of the sweetest goals ever, the National…



Six essential pieces of gear that top lacrosse players really use

By Kim Vandenberg Apr 13, 2017

Lacrosse is a game that requires major speed and skill—and just the right gear and accessories if you want to be able to take…

What to Watch

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What to Watch: Dreams to be decided at WNBA draft, college gymnastics crowns a champ and more

By Emma Leyden Apr 12, 2017

After an insane college season of streaks, upsets and buzzer-beating shots, basketball fans can't stop talking about which college stars will hit the big league at…

Six essential pieces of gear that top pro softball players really use

By Kim Vandenberg Apr 6, 2017

The softball accessories you choose to use can make or break your game. Pick up the wrong glove, for example, and…

WATCH: Is this really what “boring” women’s sports look like to you?

By Lyndsey D'Arcangelo Apr 6, 2017

Last Friday.   That’s all it should take to change someone’s mind. That age-old cop-out that women’s sports are boring…

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