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Pitcher Claire Eccles to become first woman to play in West Coast League

By Kayla Lombardo May 17, 2017

Pitcher Claire Eccles will become the first woman to play in Canada’s West Coast League, an 11-team summer developmental league for…

Emma Charlesworth-Seiler becomes eighth woman to umpire in an affiliated league

By Celia Balf May 12, 2017

Emma Charlesworth-Seiler, 22, will officially begin her career as an umpire in the minor leagues. Charlesworth-Seiler will be one of…

MLB to host its first girls’ baseball tournament

By Nick Forrester Apr 6, 2017

Major League Baseball announced on Thursday that it will be hosting its first girls’ baseball tournament next week. Approximately 100…

Tamara Holmes named USA Baseball Sportswoman of the Year

By Kayla Lombardo Dec 20, 2016

Former U.S. women’s national baseball team member Tamara Holmes was named the USA Baseball Sportswoman of the Year on Tuesday,…

How a teen star helped a 92-year-old baseball legend get her one wish to ‘play again’

By Joe Posnanski Dec 19, 2016

This story was originally written for and published by  You don't often get the chance to watch 75 years melt away.…

Justine Siegal of the Oakland A’s weighs in on Pitch

By Ron Kaplan Sep 23, 2016

Pitch, the new FOX series about the first woman in the Major Leagues, premiers Thursday, Sept. 22. Spoiler alert ahead.…

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