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Brown becomes the first Division I women’s lacrosse team to require helmets for all players this fall

On Tuesday, US Lacrosse reported that Brown’s women’s lacrosse team will be the first Division I squad to all wear full headgear in the fall season. The move is significant in the sport that has debated for years whether or not helmets are necessary in the women’s game.

In men’s lacrosse—which is a much more physical game–athletes are required to wear shoulder pads, elbow pads, protective gloves, mouth guards and helmets with face masks. Women have only been required to wear protective goggles and mouthpieces with the option of wearing helmets—except for the goalies who always have to wear more head protection.

Over the years however, some athletes, coaches and parents have been calling for the NCAA to mandate that helmets be worn during competition. The hope is that, under such a mandate, less and less female athletes would suffer from concussions.

On the other hand, those who are opposed to new legislation around helmets suggest that mandating them will ruin the style of play and make women’s lacrosse more aggressive.

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For now, it seems that Division I programs are making their own decisions regarding the implementation of helmets, and Brown Lacrosse has made it clear how they feel about the issue.

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  • Sue Diff

    Helmets do not prevent concussions, ask Hernandez’s family.