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WATCH: What really happens behind the scenes of pro athlete photo shoots

The life of a pro athlete, right? You bounce around from photo shoot to photo shoot, having your hair and makeup done, signing autographs on set and nibbling on grilled salmon in the green room while waiting for your next take. 

Umm, well, not really … There is also a lot of training, traveling, competing, early-morning practices, healthy eating and grueling physical demands. But taking part in photo shoots and other media for sponsors is part of a pro athlete’s job—and it can also be incredibly fun part, especially when you’re on set with other top athletes in beautiful locations across California.

In March, Excelle Sports had the chance to go behind the scenes of a photo shoot in Northern California with six Olympic athletes, including 2016 Olympic gold medalist rower Amanda Elmore, 2010 Olympic bronze medalist speed skater Aly Dudek and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist swimmer Kim Vandenberg. They joined modern pentathletes Ismael Hernández and Amro Elgeziry and slalom canoeist Michal Smolen for the two-day shoot for Shaklee, a performance nutrition, supplement and beauty company that sponsors the athletes.

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On day one of the photoshoot, the six athletes stayed active in the gym by stretching, doing yoga, running and fencing. The second day, the squad moved into the kitchen to cut up some fresh fruit and mix healthy smoothies with Shaklee products for their recovery. Here, we show you what happened behind the scenes…


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