Professional Skiing

How Angel Collinson came back from two epic falls and injury to ski world’s steepest slopes again

By Megan Michelson Feb 15, 2017

It was likely one of the worst falls ever caught on camera: Angel Collinson, all alone on a dark terror,…

Can anyone beat 16-year-old snowboarding prodigy Chloe Kim? The answer is maybe.

By Megan Michelson Jan 27, 2017

Chloe Kim is on a roll. The 16-year-old snowboarding prodigy has been racking up halfpipe wins like a kid grabbing…

EXCLUSIVE: What Mikaela Shiffrin says she fears more than losing any race

By Megan Michelson Jan 23, 2017

Ask ski racer Mikaela Shiffrin what she’s most afraid of and she won’t hesitate to answer you. “My biggest fear…

Meet the future of American freeskiing

By Megan Michelson Feb 2, 2016

After back-to-back injuries, Maggie Voisin has returned to top form and is looking to take on the world at age 17.