Six essential pieces of gear that top lacrosse players really use

By Kim Vandenberg Apr 13, 2017

Lacrosse is a game that requires major speed and skill—and just the right gear and accessories if you want to be able to take…

Six essential pieces of gear that top pro softball players really use

By Kim Vandenberg Apr 6, 2017

The softball accessories you choose to use can make or break your game. Pick up the wrong glove, for example, and…

WATCH: New film shows how female surfer found solace in the ocean after devastating miscarriage

By Kim Vandenberg Mar 31, 2017

For many surfers, simply being in the ocean brings joy. But for one female rider, the sea took on more meaning…


Stephanie Gilmore's Roxy Wetsuit

Surfer Stephanie Gilmore’s five favorite looks for the gym and beach

By Kim Vandenberg Mar 30, 2017

Why do surfers always have the best style? And perhaps no female rider rocks this rule better than Australia's Stephanie Gilmore—the epitome of cool in…

Three-time Olympic swimmer Dana Vollmer will train and race for 2020 Games while pregnant

By Kim Vandenberg Mar 29, 2017

Her story is anything but ordinary. Dana Vollmer has broken records and defied odds for her entire athletic career, and at…

The six best sports bras that pro athletes really wear

By Kim Vandenberg Mar 16, 2017

Finding the perfect sports bra is a complicated venture that no one understands better than pro female athletes. After all, when…

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