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Don’t call her a “female athlete”: How Skylar Diggins really sees herself on and off the court

By Emma Leyden Apr 24, 2017

Skylar Diggins is one of the best WNBA players in the country and, arguably, one of the top athletes in the…



28 players who just got invited to attend this year’s WNBA training camp

By Emma Leyden Apr 21, 2017

For college basketball players and the millions of fans who follow them, the WNBA draft is one of most anticipated event of the year, second only…

What to Watch

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What to Watch: Pro soccer gets exciting, softball promises more upsets and U.S. rugby heads to Japan

By Emma Leyden Apr 19, 2017

After a spectacular opening weekend that included huge comebacks, new-player breakthroughs and perhaps one of the sweetest goals ever, the National…

WATCH: These 8 amazing videos make the EuroLeague championships look like a WNBA all-star game

By Emma Leyden Apr 17, 2017

WNBA fans have been waiting a long time for this: On Sunday, the league's training camp begins, with official play starting May 13.…


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What this year’s WNBA draft proved about the league and women’s pro basketball

By Emma Leyden Apr 14, 2017

Thursday's WNBA draft wasn't just another one for the books in the league's 20-year history. No, this year marked a much different…

What to Watch

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What to Watch: Dreams to be decided at WNBA draft, college gymnastics crowns a champ and more

By Emma Leyden Apr 12, 2017

After an insane college season of streaks, upsets and buzzer-beating shots, basketball fans can't stop talking about which college stars will hit the big league at…

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